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Michael Birmingham founded this company in December of 1992 after serving local limousine services for nearly a decade. From the onset we realized that service cannot be compromised for profit.

Our motto; "Quality........Without Compromise" is more than a tag line, it is how we do business everyday. We are a company that caters to the sophisticated and demanding client. We understand the needs of business travelers in today's ever changing world as well as the pressures of planning the perfect wedding or special event celebration. We demand the best for every client, every time.

  • - Started in 1992 by Michael P. Birmingham after a decade as a full time chauffeur serving the Toledo area.
  • - Our service and experience are unsurpassed.
  • - USDOT and PUCO compliant as required by state and federal law.
  • - Insured to $5,000,000 per occurrence as required by federal law.
  • Birmingham Limousine Services - Toledo Limousines
    Birmingham Limousine Service proudly services Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with professional ground transportation services.
    Our company motto... "Quality... Without Compromise" is not merely a tag-line, it's the way we strive to do business each and every day.


    - The process of hiring and training professional chauffeurs is a long one that starts with an in depth screening into applicants driving history, full criminal background check, and a five panel drug and alcohol pre-screen.

    - All chauffeurs are professionally trained by Tom Mazza Consulting (TMC), the most recognized name in the limousine industry.

    - After they are hired, all of our chauffeurs go through several hours of classroom training. When they pass the course test upon completion of training, they are then placed in a car with a trainer as an observer for no less than 24 hours of on the road training. Another 12 hours of supervised driving is required before any chauffeur is allowed to transport clients without supervision.

    - All chauffeurs are then subject to random drug and alcohol testing during the duration of their employment with Birmingham Limousine Service as well as ongoing training and evaluation.

    - All chauffeurs are uniformed in a black suit with white shirt and silver company tie.

    - All chauffeurs are groomed to military standards with hair above the collar, no pierced ears, and no visible tattoos.

    - All chauffeurs are employees of Birmingham Limousine Service, not independent contractors, and are covered by workers compensation and maintain legal relationships in compliance with state and federal tax laws.

    Toledo Executive Transportation Services Technology


    - Phones answered live 24 hours a day / 365 days per year.

    - Experienced reservation specialists with a chauffeurs background.

    - In office flight verification through FAA integrated software.

    - This allows us to not only track commercial flights en route, but private aircraft as well.

    - We also verify the flight information you provide as it is entered into our system to ensure proper scheduling for your departing flights and to help us avoid disconnects due to inaccurate information.

    - All of your information is kept private and is never shared with anyone for any reason.

    - Our online hosted service provides a fully integrated client information and reservation tool which seamlessly transmits information from our clients directly into our network system.

    - Our corporate travelers are able to have immediate response confirmations of their reservations whether they entered it themselves or it was entered by our helpful staff.

    Serving the Ground Transportation Industry Since 1992